Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cash For Gold

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$$$ Cash Your Old-Outdated Gold For Cash $$$

Do you have a pile of old, broken and outdated gold or a few selective pieces of gold that has lost it's sentimental value laying around collecting dust?  If you do I have a suggestion for you.  Cash It In For Cash!

A while back when gold was at its high in value (and still is as of 2010) I spent time cleaning out my two jewelry boxes and a hat box which was filled with old costume jewelry, broken necklaces and earnings missing their mate.  It took me nights to go through all of the jewelry I had.  I laid out all of my jewelry on the kitchen table and took stock.  I then sifted through the pile of gold and costume jewelry.  I placed gold earrings that didn't have it's mate into a pile then I created a pile for all the broken gold bracelets, created a pile for the broken necklaces, created a pile for the broken gold in general.  Some pieces of broken gold I could not decipher whether it was from a bracelet or necklace.

After I went through all of my old and broken gold, I placed the gold into a zip-locked bag and brought it to a pawn shop where they buy gold.  I learned a lot.  I watched the man do an acid test to figure out the purity of the gold I was handing in.  It took the man a little over an hour to test every single piece of gold.  When the man was finished calculating what the gold was worth he asked me for my driver license and told me to fill out some paper work and while I was filling out the paper work he tells me what he was about to pay me for the gold I just handed in.  I was shocked and very happy when he told me he was giving me just over $600.00.  Wow.  I was in static and could not believe the old broken gold was worth so much.  I was so happy.

The particular pawn shop I went to only accepted gold.  I also had a pile of sterling silver jewelry but when I went home I place it back into my jewelry box.

It's now March of 2010 and I'm spring cleaning and organizing.  I came across the bag of sterling silver so I thought I would do a Google search to see if there were any businesses who buy sterling silver and what do you know there is.  Wow.  So I visit a website called to learn more about their process of purchasing sterling silver.  They sent me an envelope, I placed my sterling silver into the postage paid envelope and dropped it off at the post office.  A little over a week later I received a check in the amount of $325.14.  Damn.  Again I couldn't believe old broken dirty pieces of sterling silver was worth so much.  Some of the sterling silver pieces I had were from when I was a child and they were broken and dirty but MyGoldEnvelope tested and examined the sterling silver and they sent me a check.

I thought I would write this Hub to share my story with you.  I also thought maybe you would appreciate me sharing with you how you can put a few extra dollars into your pocket.  Selling gold/sterling silver items that either lost their sentimental value, broken or old is a great way to clean out house and earn some extra money.
There is no affiliate program that I know of but here is the link to the website.  When your at the Home Page of the website scroll down to the bottom of the page.  They have links for you to visit to answer any of your questions.

If you worried about your items being lost in the mail don't be.  They insure your precious metals.
If you have used a service similar to MyGoldEnvelopes please leave a comment in the field below.
Here's another website I found while doing a Google search and it's called  What a name.  I find it humorous.  Anyway, they purchase designer jewelry of all different name brands and styles.  I did research, I called to ask a few questions and then requested a free break-up box.  I am going to send them five huge stick pins.  When I receive my check I'll come back here to post the amount of the check I receive.  All in due time.

OutOfMyLife accepts diamonds, rings, Tiffany, Cartier and other designer jewelry, fine jewelry watches and pocket watches.  Visit the website for the names brands.  They accept to many different names brands to list them here.


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